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Spiritual Guidance
State of Grace

Are you tired of an endless spiritual search that only seems to lead you into more confusion? Do you wonder when you will reap the

Spiritual Guidance
What is A Course in Miracles?

Someone asked me to write an introduction to the Course. Well, here it is: Introduction to A Course in Miracles What is A Course in

Spiritual Guidance
Fear Not: Its Valentine’s Day

Here’s a Valentines Day gift to yourself!The entire goal of the Course is peace. What is peace? Is it outside of you? Is it possible

Spiritual Guidance
5 Steps to Change your Beliefs

If you want to know what your beliefs are, listen to how you talk to yourself all day long.  How does that barrage of thoughts

Spiritual Guidance
Get Rid of Fear Once and for All…

The secret to living without fear lies in one thing only:  your desire to get rid of it. All creative and healing endeavors require you

Spiritual Guidance
7 Steps to Use Faith to Change Your Life

7 Steps to Use Faith to Change Your Life Do you hate it when people say: keep the faith?  Do you feel they are just being

Business Support
Set the Goal of Financial Freedom

“If you desire something, and then deny that you desire it, that’s cowardice and spiritual laziness. And what’s more, it’s a lie.” Edwene Gaines, The

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