Fear Not: Its Valentine’s Day

Here’s a Valentines Day gift to yourself!

The entire goal of the Course is peace. What is peace? Is it outside of you? Is it possible to achieve outer peace? Huh? If mind is singular and whole, how could peace be achieved in the outer? It can’t. You must go within and find the peace that resides deep within you. There is a YOU that is all knowing, all loving and rests in complete certainty of who it is. That is YOU. In time and space, you think this you is not available to you. That is why you need the mind training and why the Course offers so many ways of telling you to let go, be yourself, you are not guilty, there is nothing to fear, God is with you, you are whole and perfect. God did not create a separate you. It is made up and you no longer have to pay attention to it. Finally, you simply have to relinquish this insane idea, that you are not you. How simple, yet how difficult.

That is why the lessons are so important. You have put yourself to sleep with one tiny mad idea. You could not usurp the power of God because God is love and He wouldn’t let you do this to yourself. You are dreaming a dream. When you accept this, you begin your transformative process and release the ideas that you made up. You are continually making them up and you can stop. Just don’t give them any energy whatsoever, repeat the lesson to yourself instead. My Mind is Part of God’s, I am Very Holy. Or, There is Nothing My Holiness Cannot Do. I Could See Peace Instead of This. Any lesson will do because they all contain the whole solution.

You can admit that you have fear thoughts, of course you do or you would not be here. Acknowledge them, but then release them. They have NO SOURCE. Isn’t that amazing? You made up fear and you can let it go right here and now. All your pain and suffering brought you to the realization that you are doing this and you can stop. You are playing a game with yourself.

I know that it sounds easy, but truly, it isn’t hard to release what isn’t there. Is it? Take some deep breaths, put your hand on your forehead, connecting right and left hemispheres, and repeat after me:

“I think I am lost, I think I am separate from my Creator, but that is not true. I am still the Son He loves and only good can come to me. I am protected, guided and loved by an all-loving Creator. There is nothing I need do to be loved and to know myself as this perfect love. My job, my only function is to let love in. To reside in the peace of God and know that He loves me. That is how I can be truly useful to those around me. I am God’s Son, complete and healed and whole. Shining in the reflection of His Love. Everyone surrounds me in this wave of love and light and we are free to be ourselves forever. Amen.”

Take a deep breath and let it resonate. Just for 2 minutes today be at peace. Bring yourself home and out of fear. You can do it, it is natural to you. Miracles are natural. A miracle is simply the correction of a mistake, it shifts your perception from separateness to oneness and love.

It happens moment to moment. Easy. Simple. Take a breath and let all your fear go right now. It was never real. You are whole, you are perfect. Love is all around you. It is WHAT You Are. Do one thing today, fear not. Give no energy to the past, stay present. Know thyself! You are the love that you seek. You can experience yourself as this love in every moment. How about now? Everyone is waiting for your love to shine on them and bless them. That is your job today!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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