Starting From Nothing After COVID 19

Sometimes in business, we have to regroup.

When we’re going 100 miles an hour in one direction and whammo!  Something goes wrong.

Well, now we all know what that feels like.

That’s a given.  Perhaps its time to start over?

A restart can be just the thing when something isn’t working.

Take time to get a bigger picture, of where you could go from here.

Or just pause.

Maybe there is an opportunity here, to offer something new that you didn’t see before.

Perhaps it was necessary for us to stop and slow down and reconfigure how we are being.

Start from nothing, from not knowing what’s best.

Become aware if that scares you.

A beginner’s mind can be very eye-opening. And very confronting.

Maybe now is the time to ask deeper questions.

What is needed?  How can I serve?

There are obvious consequences to this period of upheaveal.

Yet there will be rebirth.

That’s a given.  Life never stays still, the word unprecedented is on everyone’s mind.

I have pivoted from one identity to another, just have many of us.

From musician to tech writer, to volunteer coordinator, to spiritual healer, to mother,  to massage therapist and energy healer.

Then I stopped one day and asked.  What am I committed to?

One question.

Don’t answer right away. It takes time to wait, to be patient with the answer, and not fill it in right away.

We have to being to trust our intuition, our inner voice.  Following the inner voice, not making it work, fixing it, trying to cope with circumstances.

Humanity will respond to this, and will expand its capacity to heal, to embrace, to touch and inspire people.

That’s a given, because of humanity’s need to evolve into people who respond, and to care.




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