For Enlightened Powerhouse Women

I am forming a community for women as an extension of my heart’s desire to create a new way of being in the world.

Here’s who we are:

We are enlightened powerhouse women who are executives, entrepreneurs, and college students who want to step boldly into our life purpose, expand our vision, create new businesses and serve.  We are women with a mission to embrace compassionate leadership and support each other to discover our power and connection.

We step beyond the status quo by embracing wealth and wisdom. We step out of conditioning and embrace our inner power to create a world of equality, compassion and strength.

We believe in the power of the mind to heal, with the understanding that we are enlightened beings seeking to serve humanity, to create community, to bridge the gap between success in the world and how we show up .  We embrace our innate gifts and desire to solve the needs of the world.

For too long we have stood behind others, the status quo, felt diminished in our strength, and allowed others to tell us who we are.

No more.

I hope you’ll join us as we create the future for humanity with authenticity and vulnerability.

We are not perfect, but we are determined to change our minds, heal our relationships with our selves, others and the world.

We extend and express ourselves without apology.

We come from the heart and lead with compassionate strength.

If you are feeling diminished, unsure of yourself, uncertain of your future, who you are meant to be, or you feel you don’t have the support to move forward boldly on your path, you’ve come to the right place.

Enlightened Powerhouse Women welcome you to embrace your future, step into a new possibility, and receive the support to open up, free yourself from the past, and shine your light into the world as you desire.

The Programs we offer create transformation on the deepest of levels.  We no longer allow our past to determine our future. We embrace the new and allow for inner mindset shifts, spirituality and wholeness to direct us.

The formation of this new community of women will affect generations to come as we enlighten the mind, embrace our power and compassionately serve to create our lives as we give to those who suffer.  Won’t you join us?

Start by signing up for the Free Gift on the Home Page.  You will be given a 7 part video instruction on Creating Your Life’s Desire.  It’s an introduction to the work, how we think, what we believe in, and with each other shift the consciousness.  We meet in live events and on virtual coaching programs.

Love comes first.  We must lead with our hearts and learn the power of our minds to create a new world.  My mission has always been to unite women of all ages, cultures and creeds.  To embrace our calling and change the world by changing our minds.


Monica Dubay

Founder, Heal Your Mind Heal Your Life Transformation Programs.




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