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Author: Monica Dubay

Knowing Your Vision Gives You Power

When you have a clear vision for your life, what you really want, you then have the power to create it. Until then, you’re stuck

Starting From Nothing After COVID 19

Sometimes in business, we have to regroup. When we’re going 100 miles an hour in one direction and whammo!  Something goes wrong. Well, now we

Business Support
For Enlightened Powerhouse Women

I am forming a community for women as an extension of my heart’s desire to create a new way of being in the world. Here’s

Business Support
Who Are Your Ideal Clients?

“When I first started coaching, I didn’t know who my clients were. I just knew I could help people with anxiety or depression.  Having been

Spiritual Guidance
A Course of Love – A Surprise

“The world as a state of being, as a whole, has entered a time, brought on largely by A Course in Miracles, in which readiness for

Spiritual Guidance
The Guiltless World

Do you know you are not guilty of anything?  Have you accepted your innocence and become healed of the illusion of separation?In Chapter 13 of

Spiritual Guidance
Coming Into The Light

Everywhere I look I read about the idea that there is only One Mind. This idea stems from the fact of singularity, or One Creator.

Spiritual Guidance
Love to Give

My only function here is to be happy.  Is that difficult?  At times, yes!  I cannot be happy if you are not.  I have to

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