Who is the seeker?

There really isn’t any explanation available to describe the process of awakening. It isn’t a process.

Ultimately, you are a seeker and you have been seeking for a very long time to find the answer to “the riddle of yourself”. But you must have set up the seeking, the seeker and the one being sought. You, in all your power, in all your glory assumed the position of not knowing who you are. What a fantastic game! Isn’t that incredible? And you judge, criticize and kill anyone who finds the way out and tries to offer help.

“Ye are gods…” I was watching a video of the Master Teacher and this quote is from Psalms in the Bible. The only thing that has happened to you, is that you have put yourself to sleep. “Know ye not, Nicodemus, you must be born again?” he means, born in the spirit, not the flesh. It is a rebirth or reawakening to the truth of you. Upon awakening, you suddenly see that what is real and what is false. Fear is false, love is real. Until you experience the truth of this love or light reality that is all around you and come into the knowledge that you ARE IT, however, you have made fear your god. You worship death, you exist in a tiny bubble of separate thoughts with you at the center and you really think it’s actually happening.

I read on Facebook someone said that fear must be transcended. But how can you transcend fear if it isn’t real? Why would you want to? You made fear and then you ask to have it taken from you? Huh? Please release me from my own manufactured illusion? OK. You’re released.

The question I have is who is afraid? Who is the one trying to transcend fear?

Transcend a dream? It won’t work. Because the problem is the you, the self-identity that you made up that you call you. The human being on a planet called Earth in the middle of this vast intergalactic universe, confound to a body identity, to getting up and eating, going to work, having babies, growing old and getting sick and dying. That’s you.

When YOU decide, when You have had enough of this madness, your mind implodes into a black hole of devastation, and you beg for help because you see you are the CAUSE of all of it…and then…oh, but then, all this light around you suddenly expands and then it just dawns upon you! All at once, the Truth! The Knowledge of you as a whole, perfect, eternally creating Mind. Light, love, limitless, totally joyful and free. You then KNOW first hand from the core, that you ARE all this. It was always ONLY You you were seeking.

So, my only question is…what are you waiting for?

You ask, how does it work? It doesn’t. It isn’t a working out. It is a relinquishment, a letting go of the self-constructed you that you think you are. Well, how do I do that? YOU DON’T.

Your awakening simply could not not happen. It did happen and you have nothing to say about it.

There may be stages along the way, because your level of fear is so great and seems to keep the truth from you. Utimately, however, all methods are bunk. At the same time, you have to allow that your mind needs the discipline of a mind training if it is bound to a thought system based upon an idea of separation. Why? You are not communicating. You think you are separate. YOU NEED HELP.

So, great! You can use any method you like and I want you to. You will use them until the moment when you simply cease to deny the truth about you. You are only here to undo the blocks to this awakening. It is a total relinquishment of your current state of mind. You have nothing to say about how it will come about, but you, my dear, have determined the time that you take. That is voluntary as it states so beautifully in the Introduction to A Course in Miracles. This course teaches one thing, that you cannot alter your reality. You must and did indeed awaken from this dream of death and now be yourself. Totally free.

If that isn’t your experience right here and now, then I suggest you get a copy of the Course and begin….Lesson #1. Nothing I see means anything. Wow.

Can you do the lessons just as the Course directs you to do, and give it one full year. One year! To become free of fear forever!

We begin on Day One. January 1, 2010. You have one year. What an adventure!

Love and blessings! i am with you always!



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