When I am healed, I am not healed alone

Healing is freedom. It is shared. Healing is communication, healing is strength.

How wonderful to know that you only need ask for healing for it to occur. It isn’t hard, it doesn’t take time. It comes when you want the alternative to your dreams of fear or suffering.

This is the best part, that “as you let yourself be healed, you see all those around you, or who cross your mind, or whom you touch, or those who you seem to have no contact with you, healed along with you.”

That sounds like everyone. This occurs because of the Oneness of creation. When one part is healed, all is healed. It is a quantum idea. The whole is more than the sum of its parts. One part is the whole.

“Those who are healed become the instruments of healing. Nor does time elapse between the instant they are healed, and all the grace of healing it is given them to give.”

When you ask for healing, realize that it is for all the world, not just for you alone. When you attest to the healing that you receive, it empowers others to do the same and to experience the grace that your healing brings to all the world.

God only gives, therefore, you can only give. When you are healed of false identity, of false ideas, of sickness, pain and death, you are asking that the inevitable occur, therefore, it cannot fail. Don’t be fooled by continuing symptoms…acceptance of the healing comes when it is done so without fear.

“There is one thought in particular that should be remembered throughout the day. It is a thought of pure joy; a thought of peace, a thought of limitless release, limitless because all things are freed within it.” Your healing frees your mind along with your brother’s mind. You share this mind, because you are created by Oneness. The love of God created you and you did not make yourself. You simply put yourself to sleep and are waking up now.

Fear of the love of God is insane. The love of God protects you from your own self-constructed identity. This is not you. You are protected from your dream, because although it feels very real to you, it is still a dream. You have been protected from your illusions of yourself. That is why you need only ask for healing to experience it. This protection is where your safety lies. It lies not in illusions, but in the awareness of perfect oneness with your Creator.

Mercy and the grace of healing comes when you accord yourself worthy of mercy. That is why forgiveness is the key to happiness. Do you see how simple is the dream undone when you decide you want it undone…it is because it has already been undone.

It is accomplished already…because Jesus resolved it for you and you need only accept it for yourself. Yes it is that simple, and yes it also means you give up every thought of attack, of fear, of anger, of guilt and of suffering. It is work because you have been asleep for such a long time. Dreaming of all these horrible states of mind. None of which are real. You don’t deserve it, you are innocent of all that you have condemned yourself.

When you become so tired of maintaining an illusion of yourself, you will awaken and be free. The dream is a happy dream when you become willing to ask for help with every trivial detail of your life. When you allow yourself to be shown the way, when you stop thinking you can do it all alone. Because you are never alone.

When you are healed, you are not healed alone. Give it up. Its time to come into the light now and recognize your oneness with all Creation. It is always awaiting your decision to be free.


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