The Light Has Come

The light has come.  Keep an open mind and clean up every concept you have made.  Brighten it up, let go of the shadow figures that you have made up.  They are not real.

When you are fed up with your own limited identity, you surrender, you let yourself go…and all your cells reawaken and vibrate at a higher frequency.  A quasar, a bright reassociation of yourself…when you go into the black hole and the miracle occurs… the entire thing changes.  The total impactedness of egoic identity, which is what human beings are, finally cannot withstand the conflict any more.  You are not your own Source, and the total conflict occurs when you finally see that.  Cause and effect are reversed.  The great reversal of you, the descent into total impactedness, or a black hole,the miracle releases you and you spring out into a quasar of light.

You are then only under the laws of God creating.  You are no longer under the laws of man.  The relinquishment of you in your time association of your previous identities is how you awaken.  The loss of the conflict of your own mind is inevitable.  The miracle of your natural transformation must and did indeed occur.

The light has come and you bring peace with you wherever you go. It is a personal experience yet you become totally impersonal.  You become the All.  

This is the directive to relinquish, to be at peace.  “Darkness and turmoil and death have disappeared.”

There are no dark dreams now.  The transfiguration of your mind is occurring.  It’s a new era in which a new world is born. Within you, this is going on all the time. 

Love and blessings today!!


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