Potential to be Resurrected Now

What does it mean to have potential?  Imagine you are the caterpillar and are within the cocoon awaiting your emergence as the butterfly.

It’s dark in here, constriction, I can’t move very well, I feel suffocated and lost.  No one is with me, I’m all alone and I don’t feel right, I feel small and I don’t know how I got here, I don’t know how I can get out.  I guess I just have to wait for something to happen..

When will I emerge, when will I be free?  Did I dream this up?

I wait and wonder.  All I know is this darkness, this limited state.

Yet, within me I am imagining what it would be like to have great wings that would take me from this place and I would become something wonderful.

I see it, I feel it.  I can imagine myself opening up and bursting forth.

Suddenly the cocoon breaks open and I emerge. I have transformed into something new, with beautiful wings.

I shake them out, and all at once, take flight.  I am free!

I am able to fly and to go places.  I am able to soar upon the wind and land on beautiful flowers.  I feel the sun all around me.  I’m free.

The power and the energy within me was always there, as potential.  Until I desired to know the truth that I can set myself free and emerge as my true Self, I can imagine it.  I dream about it.  I know it’s possible, and I remember it from long before I made myself so small.

How do you know its possible?  Because you came from there, from unlimited expansion. You remember what its like to be free because you were free just a moment before you came into the body. And you can be free again, when you choose to be. 

Love is all around you. You are free when you decide you’ve had enough of being bound and you choose to awaken from the nightmare of the cocoon stage.

You have been struggling against this freedom, this life within you.  All you have to do now is to embrace it.  Allow your true nature to be revealed.  It’s much simpler than you think. Stop the struggle. Let yourself relax into the recognition that you have always been you.  You have been the caterpillar and the cocoon and…when you choose, you are also the butterfly.

Your spirit is that butterfly and it is awaiting your choice.  .Once matured, it is inevitable, you will emerge as that spirit.  Released from the cocoon, the potential, the body, you rise and find your freedom.  It was always there within you, but you didn’t realize it.

Activate your will, choose to be powerful and step out of the cocoon of your life.  Use your divine will for freedom and for self-realization. It is matched by your Creator and your creative power within you. Potential is that which already is.  It isn’t earned, it isn’t awaiting anything, but you.

 Your wholeness is given you freely, your life is given you freely. Nothing can stop it. Not even death.

The birth of the new is upon us, we are ushering in the New Earth. The new resurrected you is now emerging when you embrace it.   Love never dies or fades, but expands and extends out from its center.  It is always what you are made of and in spite of your denial, will forever set you free.

See how it feels to be so expanded that you can’t be contained.  


Monica Dubay


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