Its Time to Change Your Beliefs

Have you ever found that reciting affirmations did nothing, even after several months, maybe even years?
Do you want to know why?
You don’t believe them.  They are statements that don’t ring true for you and you know that or you wouldn’t want to keep affirming they are true. The mind is tricky, but its not stupid. If you believed the affirmation, you would simply live it. It would be obvious and true for you. But when you try to change your mind by stating affirmations, your subconscious mind, where your beliefs reside, overrides the affirmation.
It says something like this:  You don’t believe that! Who are you kidding?
In my experience, I help people find the belief that is keeping them stuck, release it through a simple process, and then allow the truth to come through.  It is efficient and it works because you are shown the belief, when it began, and then you are given the opportunity to drop it.
Find the false belief, decide to let it go, and embrace the truth.  Its a simple change in perception.
Why are these beliefs so sticky? You may have been holding that belief since you were 2 years old!  Your parents put all their beliefs into your mind, you absorbed them, and then you thought they were true.
The good news: They weren’t true then or now. You simply haven’t yet learned how to let them go.
I am often amazed at how easy it is to release beliefs, in my workshops people say, I’ve always felt this way, since my teacher or parent or sibling told me this.  I just accepted it.  Even though I didn’t like it, I didn’t know how to let it go. So, after a workshop with me, you do!  There is nothing more I’d rather do than help you release false beliefs that are keeping you in pain, or in lack, doubt or fear. I help you to see the illusion, because all beliefs that are based in those states can be released, simply because they are NOT true.
Once you see they are not true, you can release them. I teach you to embrace the power of your Real Self that can tell the difference between the truth and falsity.  For example, critic voices are all lies. They are telling you what is NOT true. They can be mean and viscious too. You don’t have to continue to listen to these voices, and you don’t have to continue to believe you are a victim of the false beliefs you have been conditioned to believe since you were a child.
Why is it so important to change your beliefs?
The beliefs are the blueprint upon which you build your world.  When you attach emotions to them, you get the thoughts and behaviors that are formed from them.  Its simple physics: it is the law of cause and effect.
So, if the beliefs you maintain are in alignment with what you desire, great.  But if they are not, you can go back to the blueprint and change the design.  It is a simple matter of seeing what is working, what is out of alignment with who you are and what you want to believe.  Then you can drop a belief, and choose a new one.
Lets use the analogy of a house has been built upon the blueprint of your subconscious mind. Your blueprint is the structure, the plan for your beliefs, the emotions are the builders and the materials are the thoughts and behaviors.  If you want to change the fundamental blueprint upon which your “house” stands, you must go to the foundation, the beliefs, and change them there.  Then your house can be built upon rock, upon truth and that will bring you freedom, happiness and joy.
If your house is built upon false ideas, untrue beliefs, it is built upon lies, upon nothing solid at all.  You get the result: thoughts and feelings of being out of alignment with the truth.
If you want to change the “house” upon which your world is based, you need to change the fundamentals: the foundation of mental thought.
I can help you see what illusions you still harbor, what beliefs keep you stuck in a paradigm of fear and low self-worth. These beliefs are treacherous to your mind, and when you’ve had enough of the pain they cause, its time you let them go.
Here are the important points about beliefs:
  • You have forgotten that you are a divine mind, you have let your mind go a bit foggy and forgetful.  You forgot you made up all the untruth, the lies you have believed for so long. Most people go through life not having resolved these fundamental beliefs that cause them so much pain.
  • One belief is exclusive of other beliefs.  If you believe you are not worthy of love or of living an extraordinary life, guess what…you won’t ever feel different, until you release that belief.
  • All you behavior is based upon your beliefs, so if you were to let this one go, can you imagine what it would feel like?  To suddenly realize: I am worthy of love and of living an extraordinary, unlimited life?
  • Human beings are masterful self-limiters.  We go around with these beliefs in lack, littleness and sorrow.  Until we die. Then its too late.
What if you could release all this now, and open up to a life filled with unlimited possibility?
I know it sounds too good to be true, because if you don’t believe it, it is, for you.
But if you had the chance to let all that limitation go, if you knew all those self-limiting beliefs can be changed to other beliefs, those that give you hope, a sense of purpose and freedom of mind?  Wouldn’t you rather have that?
What are you waiting for? Set up a free Discovery call. And let’s get you moving on your journey of freedom and self-discovery.  Where you get to create the life you choose.  You are worth it.
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