How to Let Go of your Past in 7 Steps

When you are struggling and can’t see through the pain you are in, I suggest you do this simple exercise in forgiveness.  I love this because it really works.
This is from Edwene Gaines in her classic book called The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity.
Take a large piece of paper or a journal and write the answers to the following.
  • I am through feeling guilty about:­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­__________________
  • I am over feeling sorry for myself about:_______________
  • I am no longer going to blame_____________________
  • I am finished with all sadness about:_________________
  • I forgive my parents for:__________________________
  • I release all suffering about:________________________
  • Above all, I forgive myself once and for all for:____________
Writing out the long-held resentments can inspire you to open your heart up and release them finally from your mind.  None of them are worth one moment of your beautiful creative mind.  They only bring pain.  They only bring you sickness and suffering.  Haven’t you had enough?
When you complete this exercise and have it all written out, state out loud in a declaration to the Universe what you have written.  Repeat it every day if needed.  You will feel different, you will be changed.  Because your mind has all power, this exercise can raise you immediately to a different vibrational frequency.
You will be lighter, more at ease, and more willing to be open hearted toward yourself and others.
When it is written down, not just thought about, the release comes.  If you are sincere in your heart to forgive, you will know it. Years of pain may come up in tears, anger, or judgment.  That’s OK.  It’s important that you allow yourself time to go through this exercise.  It may take some time.  Good.  There is no better use of your time.
If you do it, you will be healed.  Forgiveness is the great key to happiness. And it is so simple, really.  But you must do it.  You must actually do this exercise and let go of the unhealed pain inside you.
You will come out free and clear of the past. The power is within you, but you have to remove the blocks, then you will feel the power of love that resides there.  Try this simple exercise.
What have you got to lose?
Monica Dubay

Founder of Heal Your Mind Heal Your Life, Transformation Program
I have facilitated healings for hundreds of people with these problems to see them achieve amazing results: release of stress, greater inner peace, release of tension, release of pain and other physical symptoms, ease of stress, health restored, anxiety resolved, depression lifted, and a new spiritual connection established with major breakthroughs in their lives and self-worth.
My Transformation Program assists you to become the leader, the healer, or the business woman you are truly are meant to be.
To contact me to find out more about the  Transformation Program, or schedule a free 20 minute Discovery session: email me at

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