Give Up and Surrender

Listening within is the key to your awakening. Certainty of who you are is always available to you and you have no need to do anything to find it. You really can’t change yourself. You are not two selves in conflict.

Fear is made up and you must get wise to your own tendency to listen to this little shrieking voice. It never brings you anything but unhappiness, so why would you choose it?

God is.

Love surrounds you forever. You cannot die, you cannot leave your source of reality. I just want to assure you that this dream you made up is still nothing. You are not at home within a dream of nothingness. But to feel that it is nothing…to know it with all your being…is everything you could desire.

Are you tempted by it? Do you want it to be true? Even knowing that you will simply leave it behind one day? Does that satisfy you that all of it will ultimately end?

It is insane to desire something that is not eternal. It is impossible to awaken from something you want. That is why relinquishment of your self is vital. But how to do that…

Become honest. Do you really think you want to be free? Then you would be free. You don’t want something that would totally kill you. A recognition of what you desire is crucial. Stop lying to yourself. You like it here, you like the things of this world and you do desire to stay here and play all this out. Its OK.

Your self truly already knows who it is. You cannot change it. That is why true enlightenment comes when you cease to interfere with it. You will wake up one day. Perhaps when you hit that bottom and you stop lying to yourself.

The most difficult aspect of this is that you need do nothing. You really think your understanding is required. You really think the method you use is important. Not true.

The only thing that really matters is that you choose each moment to let everything you thought was you be released.

I woke up when someone mentioned to me that it was possible to disappear into light. I had no idea how this was to occur, but I knew I wanted to disappear into light. It made me cry to know this.

Then it happened. I felt a void of nothingness, then for days I felt so much passionate, unexplainable love flowing through me. I begged it never to end. I didn’t want it to ever cease…it was so exquisite. I was told that it never ends.

My life changed drastically from then on. I met a teacher, I spent years in a spiritual community. It was intense, it was wonderful. I am grateful for it. So what?

There is no “how”, because it is simply that it happened when it happened. What I was doing up till then is not important at all. It can happen to you because it happened to me.

This is all I know.

Do you desire to be free? Truly? Do you want to disappear into light and never be afraid again?

Give up. Stop trying. Stop trying to purify your thoughts or change your mind, or apply the method. Simply give up. The struggle isn’t going to work.

Because you are not two selves in conflict. But you won’t realize this until you do.


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