Healing is release from fear. The certainty that fear is not real is the premise upon which all healing rests. The one thing you never want to do is relinquish fear entirely because then, you, as you have constructed yourself, wouldn’t exist.

You can’t really let go of fear, you can recognize that you made it up and then it ceases to trouble you. Because if you made up fear, you can decide not to believe in it. You can literally dissolve the error where it began. Because you think it happens TO YOU, you think you are a victim of fear. But when you accept that you are the cause, you have a solution to the problem. A REAL solution.

Do you like being at the whim of your emotions and other people’s emotions? This is where you can truly exercise your power of mind. You do not have to listen to fear thoughts. They don’t help you. They hinder you. They make you blind, deaf and dumb.

Listen to the still small voice within you that is always there underneath the machinations of egoic thinking. It is reminding you of YOU, of your reality, of the unceasing love that you are. Of course you have forgotten this, but it isn’t possible that you could drown it out with your fear thoughts forever. Because the truth is you are not your fears. You are something completely different.

I recently gave up the idea of having an external source of inspiration. I have found that it is a trap. The inspiration or revelation is constantly occurring within me. I often have my NOW covered over with fear, so I can’t hear it. But it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists.

Perhaps a brother can help you see something you can’t. But be sure you are asking the right question. Self-doubt is very insistent and a loving brother can sometimes be the thing you need the most. A heart felt response to someone in pain is the antidote. Fear can be overcome. Resentment is overcome by looking at it, uncovering the fear underneath, and asking for help. That is why the 12 Step Program is miraculous and really works. The 5th Step is a holy encounter with a brother who is willing to sit and listen to your inventory and hold the space for your recovery. It is a holy relationship.

That is why surrender is key and defenselessness works. But you won’t realize this until you have admitted defeat. I don’t know how that will happen to you, but I do know that when you really want a new experience, you will have it. Love is certain, fear is nothing. There is nothing in between. The healing power of love is beyond belief and beyond this world.

Does this help you?

All healing is a release of judgment and fear. Fear of loving yourself and your brother so totally that you forget the separation entirely.

It isn’t easy, but once you have the peace that comes from knowing who you are, and that you aren’t the sum of your fears or your resentments, this pearl worth any price, dawns upon you and you won’t care how you found it. Love is literally all there is. Everything is pointing to it, is resolving in it.

Defenselessness is the only requirement. Come with an open mind to have a new experience. Something you have perhaps dreamed of, but didn’t believe was possible.

Jesus taught “resist not evil”. Be defenseless. Find those blocks, see them for what they are, then the miracle can occur and you will discover that your mind is what love is and even death cannot obliterate it.

I love you



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