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Spiritual Guidance
The Light Has Come

The light has come.  Keep an open mind and clean up every concept you have made.  Brighten it up, let go of the shadow figures

Spiritual Guidance
Nothing You Cannot Do

To completely know that you have all power and that you can use this power to free yourself is where you come out of victimization.

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Do you need a spiritual teacher?

You are as God created you, and so is every living thing you look upon, regardless of the images you see. This sentence from Chapter

Spiritual Guidance
10 Myths About A Course in Miracles

Do you want to know more about A Course in Miracles, but are afraid to ask?  Don’t know where to begin? Find it daunting?  Think its too

Spiritual Guidance
Potential to be Resurrected Now

What does it mean to have potential?  Imagine you are the caterpillar and are within the cocoon awaiting your emergence as the butterfly. It’s dark

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Who are my clients?

If you or someone you know:   feels stuck, perhaps for a long time has tried traditional therapy but still feels stuck is uncertain of

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