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Ahimsa…the practice of non-violence.

I was recently asked to write something about Ahimsa, or non-violence, by my yoga teacher. I am currently in massage school and this is a

Spiritual Guidance
Love your “enemies”: How to forgive

I found myself in a quandary recently with a friend who accused me of something I felt I did not do. I asked for help

Spiritual Guidance
I Could See Peace Instead

This lesson entitled “I could see peace instead of this” is a confrontation. It first of all implies that you are not “seeing” peace. The

Spiritual Guidance
4 Reasons to Forgive

If you are harboring resentments with someone, which you probably are, even without consciously being aware of it, you need to go within yourself and

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How to create your new life in 8 steps

OK, so when life throws a big challenge your way, such as a break up of a marriage, (which is just what I went through

Spiritual Guidance
7 Steps to Use Faith to Change Your Life

7 Steps to Use Faith to Change Your Life Do you hate it when people say: keep the faith?  Do you feel they are just being

Spiritual Guidance
How to Let Go of your Past in 7 Steps

When you are struggling and can’t see through the pain you are in, I suggest you do this simple exercise in forgiveness.  I love this

Spiritual Guidance
21 Minute Forgiveness Meditation

In these times of turbulence, this powerful 21 minute forgiveness meditation is my gift to you. I hope this 21 minute meditation will help you

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