How to Find Meaning In Your Life When Life Seems Meaningless

A few years ago, I was wallowing in self-doubt and fear that I would never find my purpose, I didn’t know what I really wanted.  I only knew I wanted to live a bigger life, serve more people.  And then… I began my coaching program in 2016 to help women with anxiety and depression caused by disconnection from their spirituality.

I began to teach Mind Mastery and how to work with the belief system and everyone had amazing results from working deeply with me on what was holding them back.

They were being healed of long-standing emotional blocks, their wall of resistance melted, and they wanted to serve people too.

I began coaching coaches.  We all want to make a difference now that we are finding our power.

I realized most of us need connection, more community.

I began to give retreats in beautiful spaces, and I was about to give one retreat in Florida in January this year…but then, after an intense breakup with my boyfriend, everything changed again.

The universe responded to my newfound freedom by giving me way more than what I was asking for! 

I now live in Florida in a beautiful location, and hosting Women and Wisdom Workshops that bring women together for healing, joining and transformation. Just last month, The Women and Wisdom Workshop on Amelia Island sold out on a Monday!

I was thrilled. I met 16 amazing women and the energy was high and bright, yet also very calm and focused.  We went deep and asked questions that helped us become clear, and release our self-doubt.

NOW, I have a plan to host several of these workshops this year and enlighten 1000 women by 2021.

We all crave community and connection! 

Yes, women need to collaborate and come together to heal and support each other.

There’s magic in collaborating together with our hearts and minds…because there’s power in joining!

These women taught me that commitment to my purpose is important, as it allows me to be my real self, and help women who want to make a difference in the world.   

When we join together, we know we are not alone, we know we all have something important to give to the world:


When you get clear about the meaning you give your life, ONLY THEN can you embrace what you are committed to. 

Until then, you’re floundering in uncertainty.


I know we all get stopped, we have that irritating voice in our head that makes us doubt ourselves, and dwell on the past, and even give up on our dream.  We question our dream life, and we live for other people, and we hold ourselves back.  I was like this too.  For years, but then, I couldn’t do it any more.  I embraced my real calling.  My spiritual gifts of helping people transform their mind.

What stops you?

Doubt? Fear of not knowing the future or what it will require of you?  How your life might change?

I had to go through a lot of internal and external changes to do it. Including moving to Florida, not sure why yet.  But it happened and now I’m here and loving my life.  I had to love myself more, and ask myself, what do I want?  I found out I wanted to live where I feel happy and am able to meet more women.  I wanted to reach out and create a powerful program that helps them create important change while in transition.  Whether it is divorce, illness, retirement, a life changing event, financial setback, or a need to have more focus…we all need to ask that question…WHAT DO I WANT? 


In the Workshop, women all learned to embrace their power, how to release fear and doubt quickly.  And how to master their self-worth.  We touched on money beliefs, and how we hold ourselves back.  We learned to discover what we really want and support each other in the process.

Because the truth is, when you’re stuck, you often don’t even know what’s in your way.  SO, my expertise is in MIND TRANSFORMATION.

My spiritual gift is in uncovering the root cause of your stuckness, and releasing it .  HOW?  I will teach you how, and I designed an online program to do just that.


I want you to become crystal clear about your purpose and how to master your mind and your life.  Because that’s what I know will help you feel fulfilled.

And then, step into your life in a brand new way.

Here is my message:

I am the love of the Universe.  SO ARE YOU.

I create my world and my part in it, I choose to embrace my purpose as I discover it.  SO CAN YOU.

It’s a journey without distance to a place you never left.   YOU GET TO COME HOME TO YOURSELF TOO.

You have everything you need, it’s all inside you!  I just help you discover your real passion in life.

I’m dedicated to helping lots of women, young women too, who in their 20s are getting very clear about their life purpose. I can’t wait to see what they do with their new found purpose to impact the world.

I teach them to simply love themselves, crush fear, be brave, blaze their own trail, and transform the world.   They love the BACK TO BASICS LIFE MASTERY PROGRAM.

They learn to master their mindset and let go of self-doubt.

Imagine learning that at 20 years old, to GET who you are and what you want…it saves them decades of time.  So they can BE THEMSELVES without apology!

Sound good?

CLICK HERE to set up your Free Coaching Call with me.  I’ll give you some real guidance, clear the way for you to step into your greatness.

I so look forward to talking with you.  It’s simple, just click above and set up your call with me. You will leave with renewed enthusiasm and a sure direction for your life.

I promise!



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