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The 3 Biggest Blunders That Keep Entrepreneurs From Taking the Next Step in their Business and What to Do About It.

Do you wake up at night in a panic, feeling you’ve got to make a move, but you’re paralyzed? 
Do you feel there’s something wrong with you because you’re not exited to keep doing what you’ve been doing? Chances are you’ve reached an upper limit problem?
What’s the upper limit problem?
The upper limit problem was discussed in a book by Gay Hendricks, called The Big Leap.  It’s when you find yourself bored, dissatisfied, or in serious discomfort, and yet you can’t quite put your finger on why. You lash out, you blame others, you get sick, you have accidents (minor, hopefully), you pick fights with your partner, you have a financial setback, your car breaks down.  These are all symptoms of the upper limit problem.
There are 3 blunders you could be making that indicate you have an upper limit problem.
Blunder #3…You are allowing your subconscious fear to run your life.
Stop.  Sit down.  Get out a piece of paper.  And write this sentence…
If it weren’t for (blank), I could be doing what I really want to do.
Just write it out, fill in the blank.  Let it come to you.
It’s simple, really. But you have to do it, because if you don’t, you will just stay stuck.
Fear is self-created, and when we listen to it, we allow it to run our behavior.  Entrepreneurs are especially vulnerable, because they are so creative, they are sensitive and have a lot of self-judgment.  They know they are amazing, talented, creative but their ego gives them a lot of trouble.
Sound familiar?
So, notice the fear and allow it to show you where you are holding back.
What now?
To really get to the heart of it, admit the fear, write it all down.  Take time to address it and let the fear go crazy for a while, so you can see where it leads.
Now, write this sentence next.
If I followed my heart and took this leap, this might happen….(write it out).
The outcome could be anything…loss, humiliation, failure, people would judge you, you would let someone down, you’d feel foolish, etc.
What’s the worst that could happen? 
Go wild… you’d be out of work forever, homeless on the streets without a penny to your name, and your kids would never get to college.Write it all down.  I mean it.
Now you have it staring at you in black and white.
Take it to the absolute worst outcome.  Everyone would reject me…my family would leave me…I’d be the laughing stock of my friends if I failed.  Now laugh.  Really.  (This is where you get to see how your doubts rule you.)
So, now…get a little real here.  Imagine yourself doing what you really want to do.
I beg you to please write this:
What if I were to do what I really want to do with my life?
You could be living the life you really want…what would that look like, feel like?  You are successful at it, you are really happy that you took that leap, and everyone you serve is also happier.  You have found your real purpose, your business soars, your ideal clients find you and appreciate you. I want you to imagine its two years from now…and it’s all working out. See yourself in a movie…where you ARE doing those activities, being that person, feeling the feelings of its happening! You say this to yourself:
I’m living my life as I really wanted to…I followed my heart and it wasn’t easy, but I didn’t give up. Now really give this time to resonate with you. Don’t judge yourself for having this “fantasy”.  Brilliant minds do this all the time.  Let inspiration do its thing. Stop everything and let your mind explore your idea in quiet.  

Just do this:

Visualize it and feel it.  10-15 minutes at least. This really work if you will just do it.But if you’re still blocked, it might be because of Blunder #2…which is:
Blunder #2…You don’t think you’re qualified to step up into the next level.  You listen to your doubts.
Self-doubt is such a killer. It stops people from even trying to embark on their dreams.  For years, people stay in this muck of self-judgment thinking they need more training or more money, or …you name it.
I know, I was there.  I was a massage therapist, a high level energy healer and spiritual teacher, but I spent all my time fixing people’s back pain and headaches.
Not that there’s anything wrong with that.  It was very satisfying and I loved it…till my hands started hurting and I was so exhausted. (By the way, if you’re in pain, please get massage, or some kind of real help if you’re suffering, there are wonderful healers out there.)
Yet, I knew there was more and I had to listen to myself and finally take myself seriously.
So if you’re thinking you don’t have what it takes.  Stop right there.
 Who says?
You can do anything you want if you truly put your mind to it, do what needs to be done, and never quit.  NEVER quit.  Maybe you need a good talkin’ to… from someone who cares about you, who knows you’re capable, smart, worthy, and crazy enough to take a giant leap out of discomfort and into the unknown.  Sure, you don’t know how…no one does when she’s jumping off a cliff. Find that person who gets you, who doesn’t judge you, who has taken the big leap and is living their dream.  Make sure it’s not someone who listens to self-doubt or fear.
I mean it.  Don’t ask the wrong person.  It’s crucial.
Ask someone who has made their dream happen for themselves and get their advice.
Most people love to share their success stories and how they went from someone with an idea to actually making it happen.
And run it by them.  Just lay it out straight and tell them your big dream…you’re gonna change the world with your idea!
I know you are…so pay attention and find that person in your life whom you admire. Ask them to spend 30 minutes with you.  Interview them.  Find out how they did it. And let them advise you.
You won’t regret it unless you do nothing and pretend you never had the idea in the first place.  What a lie…but lots of people stay there and don’t make a move because they make the BIGGEST blunder of all.
Which is…
Biggest Blunder #1….You don’t get the support you need to carry it out. You think you can do it on your own.
I didn’t know what I needed when I was doing massage and didn’t have a plan or even a clue how to get from there to where I am now.
I needed support. And I looked, and kept looking.  And kept writing what I knew about love, extending love and healing.  That’s what I kept telling myself, which is true, but…because I didn’t listen to myself and pay attention to what I wanted, how was that loving me?
Finally, I knew something had to change. And it was me.  
I met a woman at a conference who said she knew someone who has a program for healers and therapists and people just like me.  So I looked her up, and followed her videos and free trainings. For a year!
Then, when I was really desperate, I sent her an email and said, I think I want to work with you, cause I’m still healing shoulders and I know there’s a bigger plan for me. She called me back the next day, spent an hour with me…and listened.  Really listened to me and she got me.  She said, you’ve been hiding out and you’re an amazing mind healer. My program is designed for you.
 Wow…that was cool.


So I hired her.
I said yes to her offer and made an investment, (which someone literally gave me because I was completely broke at the time) …and it changed my life entirely.
Now I have a thriving coaching business helping people take their big leap!
But the cool thing is, I get to be myself and when I’m coaching people, I’m so happy. I love my life now.
I work really deeply in the mindset with my clients because mindset is 90% of the game. If you don’t change how you think, you will never change your life. I mean never.
I came out of depression by changing my thoughts more than 25 years ago and within a few months I felt fearless for the first time in my life.  My whole life has been dedicated to healing the mind. Of course it’s what I needed to offer in my coaching business. Duh! But I didn’t know how until I found my coach.  I needed support. I had no clue how to get it going.  And there was a lot of crap in the way because it was, well… a big idea!
The bigger the idea, the bigger the pushback from your ego and the more fear you will have to release.
Sorry, that’s just how it is. Luckily, there is hope!  And help.
What about you?
Could you stop making excuses and thinking you don’t deserve it, or think you’re supposed to know how when you don’t? Maybe? Perhaps you’re thinking… maybe later.Then, I’m sorry…nothing is going to change for you.
You will probably just flounder in that denial for another year or two, or ten or forever.That’s what most people do.  No big deal… have at it. I get it. I had no idea how I could make it work either. But, when the moment came for me…as I hope it is coming for you right now…where I was so lost and I finally admitted it…I made a simple choice and said yes.
Guess what?
I am ready to help you release that stuck energy and finally begin to change your life.
No obligation, just spend an hour getting some clarity on what you need and how you can move out of that fear and create your life the way you want it. You deserve it! But no one can help you if you say not now, no…I’m not ready.
Don’t wait, do it now… contact me for your free 60 minute Mind Alignment call.
Guess what?
 You’ll never be ready…so stay right there, do nothing and watch other people move on through their fear and create a new life for themselves. And you can wallow in your pain some more. You’re not like other people. Your story is real, it’s sad and it’s tragic. And it’s all yours. I’ve heard them all. No money, no support, nobody loves you, you’re afraid…blah, blah…
One of my clients is on disability and she signed up to work with me for six months!  She is committed and she inspires me every week because she is having breakthroughs like you can’t believe. And she has a debilitating disease and she doesn’t let it stop her.  And she gets it.  Really gets it.  She is all in. She found a way to make it work and so can you, if you would just do this one thing.
BUT…I can’t make you do it. I can just keep offering and throwing you that life line so you can break through your upper limit problem today!
People who are successful make investments in themselves. 
They know it takes hard work, they know it takes commitment, money and work to turn their lives around.
So, how about you?   What’s it going to be?
I’m rooting for you and I know you have what it takes.  You just need a little support.  My whole business and life purpose is to help people like you become willing to put yourself first for a change.   You won’t regret it.
Shine on!
Please share, save or print – thank you!

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