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Do you need a spiritual teacher?

You are as God created you, and so is every living thing you look upon, regardless of the images you see. This sentence from Chapter

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Why do you need a mind training?

Quantum Physics states that cause and effect are not apart. The Law of Attraction states that you get the result of your thoughts instantly. So,

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How To Release Self-Doubt In An Instant

How To Release Self-Doubt In An Instant I see that now, 25 years after my discovery of spiritual reality, I am making  big moves and growing from

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Its Time to Change Your Beliefs

Have you ever found that reciting affirmations did nothing, even after several months, maybe even years? Do you want to know why? You don’t believe

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How to Release Fear in 8 Steps and 12 Minutes

You know those incessant thoughts that keep you up at night, when your mind races and worries about tomorrow, the next day, next year…what might

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