Self-Inquiry Master

A true enlightened Being assisting you with your awakening.

For the last few days, I have been watching videos from Mooji, an awakened Being who teaches self-inquiry, a direct approach to enlightenment. I am in a state of grace from his teaching and feel that I cannot ignore this help. I want everyone to know there are awakened Beings on the planet and if you want to bypass a lot of conceptual crap and move into an experience of peace, you can watch their videos for free. Love is truly all around you and within you. These Beings are here to remind you of this and can truly assist you with your process. So if you are in need of help today, I would suggest taking some time to view these videos. I also have posted the Master Teacher’s videos whose sole assignment was to awaken you to your perfection using A Course in Miracles.

Miraculously, I have had time this week to enjoy the grace of Mooji as well. I would encourage anyone who is truly wanting to go within, to apply a self-inquiry to their own mind, to try this and see how it is for you. I have greatly benefited from his kind words, his love and most of all, the depth of peace that has come over me.

The Course in Miracles is a path, and ultimately, as I have stated in my writings, you will have to give up the path and let go absolutely into the heart of God. The Master Teacher, who was my teacher for many years and remains so although he is out of body now, has videos and books and you can access them at any time by clicking on the link on this site: The teachings are always available and if you are serious about waking up, I would advise you to partake of them.

I love the simplicity of knowing that there is only one master and that master resides within you. Yet, it is also very humbling to be in the presence of an awakened Being whose sole purpose is to help you come into your own mastery. You must mature, and the spiritual ego is a very tricky thing. Ultimately, it will not satisfy you. If you are honest enough you will know that you are still in conflict on some level within yourself and you need help. This help is available to you right now.

The coming into the presence of an awakened mind can free you and did indeed do so. Do not underestimate the power of a true Master. You can become free because you already are free and there is nothing to attain, but if you are not aware of this, you need help.

Like Mooji said today, you are like an ice cube in a glass of warm water. You are still made of water, and are melting into the warmth of the love of the water surrounding you. This is inevitable that your iciness, your attempt to stay cold, afraid and separate, will disappear. Your last fear, which is the fear of God, and of your true nature, will melt away. The time is set already, not taught. You have determined it for yourself.

You can and indeed did wake up to the freedom of your own Mind. The HeartMind of God is what you are and this can never be altered.

Take the time to listen to true teachings. Take the time to get quiet, go within, do a lesson from the Course. My holiness is my salvation, for example, is a great place to start. Lesson 39. It is so simple and so profound when you really feel the energy of what it is telling you.

My holiness blesses the world. You are already holy, yet if you do not know it, you are in denial. That is all. This denial cannot satisfy you because you know what you are denying. You must know because otherwise, you would not deny it. Why, then, would a totally loving Being of light deny the light that he is? I admit it seems crazy, and it is!

So, stop denying it. You are free already, you are perfection. Who are you to deny God?

The only question is: are you the object being observed or are you the Presence in which the idea of you arises?

Find out. Go within and ask. Keep asking until the asker is gone.

I love you.



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