How to Release Fear in 8 Steps and 12 Minutes

You know those incessant thoughts that keep you up at night, when your mind races and worries about tomorrow, the next day, next year…what might happen later just take you over?
You toss, you turn, you get up, you try reading, making to do lists, anything…but something won’t let you sleep.
Do you want a simple practice that will help?
When fear arises and obsesses you, try this simple exercise. A few moments of peace in the middle of the night would help, right?
First, tell yourself: I want peace. Peace is my birthright.
Now do this:
  • Sit down. Bring your attention into your heart space, the center of your chest.  30 seconds
  • Take 10 deep belly breaths through the nose. Give the exhale a complete release, pause, then inhale for 2 minutes.  If there is discomfort, breathe even deeper into the belly.
  • Now imagine a small sphere of golden light in the center of your chest. If you can’t see it, that’s OK. Give it 1 minute.
  • Thank your heart for working so well for you every day, ask it to please slow down. 30 seconds
  • See the sphere of light grow until it radiates out into your whole torso. 3 minutes.
  • Now imagine the fear or what it represents is an image about 6 feet in front of you. It could be a person or a situation…just see it visually in front of you. 1 minute. Got it?
  • Send the golden light from your heart to that image, like a firehose of light, no matter what it is or if you can see it or not. Repeat “I forgive you”. 2 minute
  • Envelop yourself in light and repeat “I forgive you” to yourself. 1 minute
  • Give thanks. 1 minutes.
Repeat the above steps with any fear thought that troubles you.  Now notice if you feel calmer.
It seems too simple to work, but if you try it, you will get a result.  Attention can be placed on anything you choose.
Fear comes from a false idea, it is never based upon something real.  You are imagining it and it exists only your mind.  If you don’t like fear, you can simply make a choice to experience something else instead by forgiving yourself for believing it. The Self is always watching you go through fear states.  That You is always accessible and it is found in the heart space in the center of your chest. This You has great power.  It knows who and what it is. It is not fooled by fear thoughts that cloud your mind. It is always accessible to you when you focus on it and give it your attention.
When you put your attention on the heart, it slows down the mind. Focusing on the golden light will release the fear. This is a very simple idea: light replaces darkness or lack of light.
When you put your attention on light, you become calmer and happier.  You are remembering who you really are.
The light is always there, we just forget all the time, and allow fear to enter our minds and bodies.  But you don’t have to do this anymore.
The simple exercise always produces a result.  All you have to do is do it.
I hope this helps you today.
Monica Dubay
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