Nothing You Cannot Do

To completely know that you have all power and that you can use this power to free yourself is where you come out of victimization. This is the answer to every problem you can construct for yourself. There is a way to truly find peace even in time and space by the very act of your mind to choose it. It is very simple and you try to complicate it. Because of your belief that it cannot possibly be that simple.

My question is: Do you believe the first premise?

You have all power.

You are the light of this world.

You are not a victim of circumstance.

You are whole and perfect because you did not create yourself. You have nothing to say about who you really are. That is why all spiritual paths lead to relinquishment of self-will. You don’t know how to make yourself happy. You could be happy right here and now if you knew you had all power.

Try it. Imagine yourself whole and perfect. A truly radiant being from outside this earth realm. A spirit, with a guiding force that moves in and out of existence at your own will. Free to be anywhere you choose, free to experience anything you desire. Not from within a limited frame, but outside that frame, that construct that cannot contain you.

You are free! You already the thing that you seek. The love, the happiness, the joy. Radiant and shining in the love of your Creator.

This world cannot contain you because it is a hologram. It is illusory. It has no real substance. Yet you are the light that shines into the darkness, into the illusion. Your entire being resonates with the harmony of the universal spheres.

You can come home now, out of the dark. You have been waiting for this for many years, centuries perhaps. And the time for your awakening is now.

It will not happen later on. Now. Here.

When you are free, you are free. Yet you are totally dependent upon your Creator whose Will for you is perfect happiness. All fear is a simple denial.

You may experience a thought of limitation but you can release it. You cannot contain yourself any longer. The will of the Father or Creator of you is one with your will. This has always been true and you KNOW it.

Transformation has occurred and is occurring now within you. You are the One Son of a beloved Creator. There is no multiplicity, no duality. The singular occurrence has occurred.

No more doubt, no more denial.

Love and peace are your inheritance no matter what is going on with you right now. In the dark moments, you find out what is real. You get very serious about waking up from the dream of death. That is all that is going on.

Do the lessons, 1-10. Ending with this thought that releases you completely:

These thoughts do not mean anything.

All fear thoughts have no real meaning. They do not have any substance because the ego, or separate self has no source.

I realize that you don’t believe this, but I assure you that it is true. What is stopping you from believing it?

It would have to be self-will, or fear. Perhaps uncertainty of who you really are.

You can use your power to deny this, or you can use it to free yourself. It is up to you. Use the lessons, none of my thoughts mean anything. This is how to relinquish your thoughts and come into your heart center. Right here and now. Each lesson has a gem, a gift to you. Each one contains a miracle, or a correction.

It can be life-altering to know that one miracle can release a whole thought pattern that was causing you pain. It is simple, because truth is true. And nothing else is true. Can you accept that idea?


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