Knowing Your Vision Gives You Power

When you have a clear vision for your life, what you really want, you then have the power to create it.

Until then, you’re stuck with your internal dialogue about who you are, what your past was like, and what you are doing now and whether you feel you have a say how you interact with the world.

The trick is, you’re almost always telling a story.

And the story is about the past.  And it’s GONE.

So, you’re stuck with what WAS… not what IS.

And there is no power in what was.  There is only story…and it’s almost always a regret, or a complaint.

So, how to shift out of regret and complaint?

First you have to know you’re in it.

Then you will have to ask yourself… do I want a future like my past?


Because regrets and complaints are always disempowering.

You may ask, how do I stop?

Your brain will not change unless you choose a new thought.  Your thoughts, when spoken out loud, have tremendous power.

So first, choose to create a future unlike your past.

Then tell a story of that future…what you would like to experience.

You may find that your normal response to life is “why bother”, “it will never change”.  “I can’t do anything about it”.

And be aware that you will have that experience…it will never change and you can’t do anything about it.

Now, if you’re not happy with that, I invite you to look at your thoughts and write a new story.

Create a vision for your future, but not a far-fetched, pie in the sky future…

A real one.

From a new realm, a new vantage point.

Put yourself in the future, one year from now.  Imagine what you’d like to be feeling and write  story about how you got there.

This is more powerful than you know.  It really works.

Happy dreaming, and realizing your power to create your life.



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