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How to Undo the Fear of Failure…and Success

Amazing how simple it is to undo fear, with The Work of Byron Katie. I just spent the weekend with her at the Omega Institute.
What happened to me?
I woke up in the morning with the thought: I’m afraid it’s not going to work. It doesn’t matter what isn’t going to work, it could be anything, but it related to my opening a new office and investing in myself and my new business right now. Immediately, my stomach tightened. You know the feeling, when one idea makes the mind race, and you forget to breathe. You get all knotted up inside.
Sound familiar? I thought, really?  Is that thought even true?  How do I know? Maybe it is, OK, let’s say it is.  It’s not going to work. How do I react when I believe that thought? I jot down the feelings it brings up.  I’m anxious, feeling small, doomed to fail, guarded and worried. Then I asked, what if I dropped that thought?  That one idea?  How would that feel?  Who would I be without it?
I would be happier, I would feel more at ease.Such a simple thing really… I am convinced I would be better off without that thought. I turned it around and stated the opposite: It is going to work. I was a bit curious.  I went inside and asked how I react to that thought? Surprisingly, I was afraid of this too.  Why?
Because if it is going to work, then, well…I would be successful, I would get lots business, people would find me, I would be located in a place I really want to be, I would feel fulfilled, at ease, making money, helping people the way I want to, and clients would be getting the support they want and need.My life would open up to possibilities I can’t foresee.
My heart opened as I recognized that this thought: It is going to work implied three important things:
  • I am not my fear, of success or of failure.
  • It is worth taking the risk.
  • It may fail. If so, I will learn from it.
Then the light went off inside:  It is already workingI am doing it…clients are coming to me, I am reaching my audience.  It’s the beginning of a new venture and a new life. My business has grown to the point where I need my own office, which will establish my presence in Newburyport and online. I’m connecting with new people by not working from home.  Getting the office is the logical next step. Then I saw once again that inner vision, like the one I had two years ago when I first declared that I wanted to move to the East Coast and reach more people.
I saw myself in a community, meeting lots of people, having fun.  I am near the water, near Boston, close to my home state of Maine, an ideal location. The truth is, in less than two years, I have a new business and am serving more clients each week. I need the office to keep this momentum going and to open up to prosperity.
The point being: my fear was based on nothing. Fear is never true, it has no real substance. I am learning to trust, knowing I offer heart-centered healing work that’s powerful and needed. It’s efficient and it’s worked for thousands of people. It’s life-changing. And it’s changing me. If you struggle with fear of failure or fear of success, you might want to give “The Work” of Byron Katie a shot. But don’t take my word for it…try it and see what happens. I help people like you change their stifling fearful beliefs with this method and others. 
Isn’t it time you let go of fear and move into your real purpose now?
If so, see for yourself how it works. Or call me for a Discovery Session.  What do you have to lose?
The four questions and the turnaround are from Byron Katie’s The Work.  You can download the worksheet for learning to release your fear by using this simple method at
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