How to Become Enlightened…continued

So, if you have done the work from the previous post, you can now, today, stop for a moment and just let go. All these ideas you had in your mind were just that. Ideas. They only had consequence in your mind. Cause and effect are never separate. One thought brings immediate results. This is what quantum physics signifies and all you need to know. Since cause and effect are never separate, you are always getting the result of your thoughts instantly.

So, release your idea of littleness, lack and loss. You will find that they were not true ideas and can literally be replaced by the love of God right here and now. Ego thoughts are never true, because there is no ego. It is just a made up idea of you in form, in separation, in a false association with guilt as its basis. But, you are not guilty. You had a tiny mad idea that you could be separate, but you could not make it true. God did not allow you to be apart from Him. You are an idea in His Mind. That is why all the great masters teach that you are not true, you are playing a game with your own mind.

The game of loss, littleness and death or the game of redemption. Both of which are simply games. The Mind of God knows not of your games. He only knows you as a holy perfect Son of God.

You can right now release your thoughts about what is happening to you. Just tell this little mind to stop. You do have power over your mind. You are not the victim of it. It will stop when you tell it to. You have ALL POWER. Use your mind to ignite your passion of love for your Creator and your brother.

If you need help, try this thought: My mind holds only what I think with God.

There is no conceptual teaching that will take you out of your denial. Only a true miracle of light or peace will work and this happens when you decide you want it above all else. When you surrender, something else occurs. You have no need to do anything right now. There is nothing you need do to be yourself!

All your seeking, all your suffering was to lead you to this moment. Now. Just let go.

It all worked perfectly. It brought you to NOW.

Yes, it might make you afraid. That is only because you think God will punish you, but I promise you, the burning love of God is what you have kept hiding from. It is not death which frightens you, but the absolute passionate LOVE of God that created you. His love is the fire which attracts you. If you get too close, it will burn you up! Yes and it will be glorious! Your false identity will be annihilated. And you will never play that game of fear again.

None of this dream ever really happened. It is over. Everything you see is over. Let it go and you will be free. This doesn’t take time. It only takes a moment.

All your seeking, all your practicing only brought you to this moment. It all worked perfectly.

Love is all around you and you ARE IT. I promise you this is all you have ever wanted.

You are healed. It was all just a mistake. Forgive a mistake. Forgive the dream of suffering and pain. Let it simply go into the nothingness from which it came.

Be free today. Be still and know that God is love. You are that Love and cannot continue denying it. It isn’t possible. Love is real. All else is false and will never satisfy you. Stay vigilant for the truth, and love your brother as yourself. You and he are one idea. Love is singular. It is subjective. And it is real.



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